Best toyboy dating sites

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Best toyboy dating sites

Watching videos is all good and well but I have a girl and that means I'm not allowed to try the real deal. I keep asking myself that question over and over, everytime telling myself that the answer is no as long as I have Sasha. On the day I was coming over I got held up at work, so the afternoon meet became an at-night meet. After a few minutes a bald guy comes walking towards the door to let me into the building. It turns me on as much as seeing big ass and titties. One day I bit the bullet and we made plans for me to come over one afternoon, with one condition: he doesn't wear clothes in the privacy of his home (except when answering the door). As long as I can wear clothes I didn't really mind.One day, however, I find myself making an account on a gay dating site. He texted me the address to his apartment and told me to call him when I arrived. We exchange greetings and I follow him to the elevator. He doesn't have much of a lounge room and we stand in the kitchen around the bench top. I can't do much so I log off before Sasha comes home, delete the browsing history and forget about it until the next day. Cleared the browser history once more and told myself I would forget about this and never try it again. In my depression I found myself going out and getting wasted. I spend months chatting to and eventually meeting up with various women. Let me know if you ever want your cock sucked ;)" I didn't know whether to be flattered or weirded out. It seemed so strange to me that someone could make first contact in such a way. Most of the time we talked about lifting weights and he'd give me tips for all my workouts.

I'm enjoying it though, and I've found that turning my head to the side gives me space to breathe comfortably. But I was scared and he had one hand pressing down on my back keeping me down as he ran his cock up and down my crack, teasing my hole.

I've probably licked the pre-cum, but there's no discernible taste difference. Since putting his cock in my mouth I've stopped using my hands - I don't need them, I'm an oral expert - so away ago. Grabbing his cock only when I take it out of my mouth to lick it up and down. He motioned towards the toilet door but I told him I had issues with public or other people's toilets - another lie.

I'm trying my hardest, trying to take as much as I can. I try to deepthroat but my gag reflex is too strong. He's still moaning and moving, but it hasn't intensified. He said I was free to use his apartment's facilities but that I was fine to go home if I wanted.

I hold my breath and go down as far as I can, his cock hitting the back of my throat, it feels like I couldn't breathe with it this deep even if I tried. I take it out of my mouth to give myself a breather and before I go back down on it he tells me to stop. Strangely it didn't hurt, it wasn't painful, but at the same time it wasn't enjoyable for me. He didn't seem to mind so I got dressed and made my way to the door. Eventually I used work as my excuse when I wouldn't respond to his messages.

He tells me that I'm very good, but that it's extremely hard for him to get off on blowjobs. Now I have his knees on either side of my head and his cock in my mouth. Between the moans he started to whisper things to me. He asked when I'd like to meet next and I told him that I'd have to see how work pans out because my hours are crazy and then there are the weekends - even more lies. He was cool with all of this, never getting mad even though I had an excuse everytime he wanted me to come over again.

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