Cam boy roulette

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At the BARE minimum your valvesprings *must* be replaced with stiffer ones.Whoever sells you the cam can also recommend a spring to go along with what vendors/shops are for, so you don't need to worry about being an expert on this (although it's not very complicated if you want to learn).Finally, the last number is the Lobe Separation Angle.Duration really plays a big factor in how the cam will drive and idle.For gains this amazing, it must cost an arm and a leg right?!?Well, the beauty of swapping in a new cam is the hp/dollar ratio.There's not much of a reason to run less than 0.550" of valve lift, so anything between 0.550 and 0.600" is probably going to be fine.

If your cam has very aggressive lobes and your cam lift is up there, I'd suggest you try to lighten your valvetrain by getting titanium retainers if possible.

They do the research, and thus, they get our money.

When buying a cam, you'll see specs like "220/224 0.550/0.558 114lsa".

As a novice all you can do is ask around, listen to cars, look at track/dyno results, and make your best guess.

As long as you pick a cam close to what might fit you (i.e.

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The Lobe profile of a cam basically is the curve at which a valve is opened and closed.