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The Gregorian calendar was first introduced in October 1582 in Italy, and has subsequently replaced the Julian calendar over following years in other countries.

Some methods claim to work from 1 AD, which is just plain silly - Easter was not celebrated before Christ's death, and as already stated, a unified method was not used until 326 AD.What Ron has done is to condense the approx 19 tables used in the Christian prayer books that define Easter into 5 tables that allow anyone to calculate Easter with just a calculator.This has been cross-checked with known historic dates, astronomical publications, other algorithms and various scientific references.This page is for computer programmers who wish to include Easter data calculation code in their programs.Please be aware that many shorter code segments are littered throughout the Internet.

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' Either at the time of the calendar change or at a later ' date, some (but not all) regions have used a revised ' Easter date calculation based on the Gregorian calendar. The original calculation, with the Julian date ' converted to the equivalent Gregorian date ' 3.

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