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Dunnes stores spain online dating

Nor have they sacrificed quality-just try the PEVA macs of Stay Dry!A lovely contribution, John, congratulations and thanks very much.They make me think of Isobel-here I go again-who has just the right figure for mackintosh wearing. I had to wear my pakamac whenever I set foot outside during the summer.On especially hot days, I was allowed to keep my hood down but most of the time I had to wear it up.John,if you after a brand new nylon mac,buttoned,collared,in the traditional Pakamac style,you may have problems.

I accidentally deleted it, hence my not being in touch.

Because the girls preferred the more colourful macs, which were frowned upon, it followed that far more boys wore the standard plastic Pakamacs than girls.

However, a few girls did have their own way, and I recall a beautiful see-through mac in a vivid emerald green, well worn.

Despite the wonderful convenience of Pakamacs, I have my eyes on an olive green heavy latex rubber mac, from Weathervain, and this may be my next purchase..for thought...a rubber mac...rubber mac...

The comments are good, but the macs themselves would be even better.

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Pakamac may be gone, unfortunately, but the tradition is kept going by "Stay Dry", "PVC-U-Like", and one or two others.

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