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Even if it never gets past the rumor stage, you don't think word of this is going to slip out? I used my secret money fund for the trip (it had come in handy, after all! I travelled to Vientiane (where Laya worked) via Bangkok and Laya and her parents met me at the airport and escorted me to my hotel. Laya looked better in life than on video, and she smiled with her whole being when we first saw each other in person. We had lunch or dinner with her family several times during my three-week stay. I went out with Laya alone, too, but the family was obviously a very important part of her life.

Melinda accepted my buy-out offer (Emily was almost done with high school by then, and wanted to live with us until her graduation).

I departed, and we made our plans for the wedding across the ocean.

She was there with him, humping away like a couple of fucking rabbits. I don't think either is gonna squeal, but it would be best if the guns disappeared." He nodded, and I returned home. My wife was in the bedroom cleaning the piss from the carpet. We kissed and hugged and professed our love to each other.

For his part, when Ron found out the circumstances of our divorce, he was angry at her, but acknowledged that she was his mother, and forgave her more quickly.

In any event, I bought out Melinda and she bought a nice condo for herself.

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The Vietnam War remains one of the most controversial conflicts the United States has ever been involved in.

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