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Live cam swap

With the LS1 buttoned back up, Duttweiler’s Digilog dyno cranked out some interesting numbers.The longer-duration cam was still able to improve the low- and mid-range torque with a power increase of 20 lb-ft.

Knowledge Is Power We continue to find out more about the complex factory computer that runs our LS1 engine.Let’s say our LS1 engine is running at part-throttle with a short-term fuel trim condition that requires fuel to be added to the base fuel map, and let’s say that number represents 5 percent additional fuel.If the engine goes to WOT at the same instant it adds 5 percent part-throttle fuel, the computer is programmed to add this same 5 percent of additional fuel to the WOT fuel trim.Even with the slight midrange dip, the average torque gain was 11 lb-ft, while average horsepower also jumped a solid 9.Those are significant gains for a simple cam swap with no other changes to the engine, which still idles very smoothly.

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