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However, this still works in-between the human body and its surroundings, and doesn’t allow the wearer itself to manipulate his/her clothing.

Something I think would be a logical next step with wearable technology.

Personally, I would find it interesting to see a solution where the link would manifest in news ways of projecting my personal identity.

Combining the idea of a, supposedly soon-to-be, future where textiles can act as touch-screens, I have tried to conceptualize how technology can have an effect on fashion and its personal value.

This idea of technology leading to a more tactile and touchable communication with your clothes – instead of it being dematerialized in a device – also takes technology in a totally new direction.

Of course there is plenty of ways to approach linking the gap between aesthetics and the function of technology.

We use fashion to perform our identities through garments.

Why not try to physically combine technology with clothes as a way of enhancing how we showcase our individuality and uniqueness.

Most of us reuse paper cups as a water container while painting but afterwards they’re just being left alone dirty, polluting not only classrooms but the environment.lets start up easy – reusing our cute little paper cups. After you throw your cup to either one of this containers, they go into the bin in front of school.let’s see some examples of art made out of cuppies make some toys for your kids/cats/boyfriens/girlfriends/imaginary friends pro version – pimp up your bedroom with this marvelous coffee cup lamp you can even use it as a pen holder! Then, they are taken by Milieu Service Nederland to an oven and get burnt.As my video suggests, this would be possible if clothing became truly obedient to your personal wishes and could be customized with your own hands.You could then at any given moment change the appearance of your clothing – and your identity.

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The new aspect of adding technology to this equation will hopefully be able to offer alternative and new ways of transforming our identities.

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