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We think that it is going to be a lot of fun and at the same time this inspires and informs people about IEEE well. Firstly, with short conferences, we are planning to explain why we celebrate IEEE Day all over the world and to make this organisation more popular amoung the students of Gebze Technical University.

Then we'll continue with photographs and eating IEEE Day Cake and play a special game for IEEE Day in school campus.

We had participated and organized the day with IEEE Bahrain student branches and IEEE Bahrain Section . One was technical presentation about Humanitarian projects and the other was about IEEE Young Professionals Affinity Group .

The day was combination between technical educational , professional development , entertainment and networking .

At the end the IEEE Bahrain Section had honored IEEE Bahrain Young Professionals Chair Engineer Tasneem Youisf for her great efforts and establishing YP in Bahrain . Finally , we cut the cake for the awarding ceremony and had a photo group with all the attendees .

IEEE HU SB is celebrating their 15th anniversary, this celebration will include two parts. The second part (The Auditorium): The indoor part will take place in the auditorium of the Engineering Faculty which will include technical and non-technical events.

We were organizing the event within 4 different student branches in Bahrain .

we made a two presentation , one is techinical one which was about humantiraian projects and the other one was about brief summary about young professionals Affinity group . This is a great event to exchange and share knowledge about IEEE Young professionals and to encourage senior students and graduate students to join us .

-The Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Chapter. Vision: ــــــــــــــ "Enhancement students` knowledge, skills and experience in order to Breaking the barrier between academia and practical life and provide for the world, students capable of advancing technology for humanity".Sakarya was one of the most affected cities from Gölcük earthquake in 1999.It was reported that 17.480 deaths, 23.781 injured and 285.211 damaged housing in the earthquake.Various chapters and volunteers are participating by sharing their experience and knowledge. A place for student members can learn from the experiences and challenges faced by former presidents of the branch and motivate them to take part of volunteering as a family celebrating the IEEE Day.With great delight IEEE Stamford U Student Branch is going to celebrate IEEE Day for the first time on 06 October 2016. The IEEE student branch will host the celebration of the IEEE Day on 6th October, 2016.

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