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Stripes of essex website

The Fo BS (Friends of Brentwood School) was founded in 1982 to help raise funds for the school, mainly via large events and excursions for pupils.In 2007, Brentwood School celebrated its 450th anniversary with a commemorative service in St Paul's Cathedral.Brentwood was originally a boys' school, but the Governors made the decision to allow a small number of girls to enter the sixth form in 1974.

The preparatory school followed suit ten years later.

The school was entirely boarding until the 1940s, but as Brentwood grew into the large commuter town that it is today, demand for day education increased and the number of boarding houses was reduced accordingly.

The boarding houses are home to c.60 pupils, many from countries such as Hong Kong, China, Russia, India, Germany and Italy.

The Martyr's Elm grew, allegedly, on the spot of his immolation.

It was Browne who, as a Justice of the Peace under Queen Mary, had sentenced Hunter.

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