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Updating instances

I’ve also lived in the USA and traveled there quite a bit.I’ve visited over 25 countries and I’ve been to Europe many times.If you order a caffè latte in the middle of the day in Italy, people will automatically know that you’re not Italian.They will also secretly and sometimes not so secretly laugh at you…So even though the French, and other Europeans, are going in the wrong direction with their eating habits, they still have a long way to go to reach the horrendous proportions in America.So let’s take a look at some important cultural differences.I'm using Dependency Injection to inject the service/repository layers into the controller and as such do not have access to the context from the controller. This means that multiple simultaneous users of your website will be stomping on your data context, potentially corrupting it, saving changes you didn't intend, or even just creating random crashes. Then there's the problem that statics never get destroyed, so it will sit and keep using more and more memory... Name); Application Db Context db = new Application Db Content(); db.

This brought me to some interesting realizations about some cultural differences in eating between Europeans and Americans.

my Save button click code is given below Your service classes look a bit like repositories which are responsible for only a single entity type.

In such a case you will always have trouble as soon as relationships between entities are involved when you use separate contexts for the services. Save Changes(); var context = new Entity Context(); var user = context. First Or Default(); var group = new Group(); group.

In America of course, once we embraced the caffè latte, or as we call it, the latte, we didn’t attach any traditions around it.

Which means people have giant lattes loaded with sugar and calories several times a day!

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In America, dessert is something you eat soon after you wake up in the morning, when you have your giant muffin. ), or a bowl of sweet cereal with milk (almost cake! Recently, I was spending some time with a Czech family, on my last trips to Europe.

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