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Vox amp dating

This is my first attempt at making a list of B&H 16mm Projector models. Any corrections and additional information is appreciated.Special thanks to Ken Layton for correcting errors and adding much information. Sale of ham radio equipment through WB5TKA Dooley's Treasure Chest consignment service. Whether you have one piece to sell, or a whole collection of items, I will list them.

Switch between microphone and TNC (for PK232 TNC sold seperately here). Two radio ports are featured on the back panel and there is easy HF/VHF radio selection switching on the front panel.These training manuals are the original ones used in military electronics training classes. No, they are not state of the art when it comes to technology, but for electronics and old radio equipment fans, these have a great deal of nostalgic appeal.Are you an electronics student who is looking for material capable of really teaching electronic theory?Designed for PC board mounting, the electrical contact through the PCB pins are gold plated. A total of four pins will hold down the switch making for a secure and rigid positioning against the circuit board. Their small size allows for close spacing and inclusion in very compact circuitry housings. The only issue I see is the power cord should be replaced as it looks to have been splice repaired by the owner.The transmitter is operable and was used by the owner along with the Hallicrafters SX-101 receiver (sold separately above) as a complete on the air station.

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So much electronic now days is more limited to "black box" and modular level troubleshooting.

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