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They spend months or even years completing their singlethreadmodel in jsp — and it all began on the Siegen industrial estate some kilometres east of Cologne, between the Sauerland and the Westerwald.

Bernd und Hilla Becher have been together for more than thirty years — not just as a world-famous photographic duo but also as man and wife.

Here a genderless fantasy figure floats above a landscape.

Tribal art in a matt-lacquered cabinet: With his overpainted photographs from a glamorous German furniture magazine, the Portuguese artist Pedro Barateiro leads the viewer into the living room of a culturally interested citizen.

Apart from illustrated books and other tomes his wall cupboard mainly contains African sculptures in a cool and elegant s look. Kwok, a fan of the British cult band The Smiths and its charismatic singer Morrissey, studied fashion design in London, where he lives today.

With his to female beauty and fashions of bygone centuries, Kwok has developed an alternative, glamorous kind of historiography. Events that make or break shareholders — everyday business for the bank.

Horrified by the course of events and the portents of another war, she expresses in this new interpretation her search for humanitarian values.

Much of her art focuses on the lot of women, be they workers fighting for their rights, mothers who had lost their children, or grieving widows.

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Click here and earth, fire and water are single trail wuppertal elements of nature into which human existence is intimately woven.

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