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According to initial reports and stills, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya will be a sweet and simple love story, a throwback to Gauthams initial days in films with Minnale.

There has been no official launch of the movie but on the very day the promos were flashed, the first shot was taken at AVM studios, one that shows Silambarasan walking in through a gate.

Readers must be aware that the film is to be directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon and Trisha is the leading lady. The producers are Madhan Ganesh, Elred Kumar and Jayaraman. gonna be not only his biggest, but perhaps even his best movie (naan Simbu-va patti pesuren).

There was a great suspense as to who would wield the music baton after the infamous rift between Gautham and Harris Jeyaraj broke out. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya is a joint venture between Escape Artistes Motions Pictures and R. With GM around, no chance for punch and double meaning dialogues and kuthu songs. Simbu seeks romance in 2009 Padma Iyer [February 18, 2009, AM] Simbu's movies have always been mass entertainers: full of action, romance, dance and music.

The Little Superstar is very popular with the youth as they are able to relate to his on-screen personality.

But now, Simbu is determined to take his movies to a different level.

We were speculating Kettavans revival, but Silambarasan is not too keen on being the bad man any time soon.No other details of the cast and crew have been divulged yet.We will inform you about this instant movies progress as and when Gautham chooses to reveal anything.Which precisely means, Silambarasan fans would have to wait with bated breath until Friday for the official announcement. The director is one of the hottest in the trade; music is by the best of the best and the heroine, one of the leading ladies of Kollywood. Tamannaah, Shreya, Genelia ellam avar kannuku teriyeliya I have posted earlier that the tamil list itself getting bigger and bigger while there are no reliable updates for earlier assignments. She should quit and get married And gautham oda bad habit he keeps working with the same heroines..per alavula shelve panna moviesa list panna AR albumographya thaandidum... He chose sameera once again for Sura (dropped) after VA and trisha for VV after COMK..and jothika for PKMC, KK and VV...

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And, wasnt Trisha supposed to start work on a big budget Telugu project after completing Sarvam?

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