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Seeing Bella at the press conference for “Hello Kitty, Madame Tussauds” in a cute traditional Thai outfit, this is what she had to say… Since the press has been teasing me in the news year long about riding motorcycles and partying, that image is stuck. Let’s be honest, I’m not going to accept that title, but thank you very much for thinking of me. The fortune teller predicted that you’re going to get married to Weir in 3 years Oho! I still care about the people around me, like my parents.

They are constantly making news together for “Bella Ranee” and “Weir Sukollawat,” to the point Bella got ranked to be one of the ten celebrities to receive a year end title by members of the press, naming her “Sakoi Meur Chong.” Also she’s predicted by fortune tellers that in the future, 3 years down the road she will be getting married to Weir. Are you afraid that image is going to be stuck on you? However, I believe that this is something to joke and laugh about. I don’t think that far ahead about my love life, because I’ve only started working. We are distant, but we’re still continuing to talk. But I still would rather focus on work at this point.

Orn’s co-worker Pharop (Note Watcharabul Leesuwan) has a crush on Orn, but because of Krao’s appearance, he can only support her as a friend.

Krao causes misunderstandings between Nuch and her siblings, causing her to put everything in the city behind and go into the countryside to take care of Pa.

When you heard of the title they gave you, were you shocked?

Most of the times it’s just friends teasing me about me (laughs). Fortune tellers say you two are true soul mates This, I don’t know. Now you’ve become even more distant, is it because his fanclub don’t like you? If they were true fans, if we were to love someone, they would love that person too.

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LIta continues to seduce Krao and even causes a misunderstanding between Nuch and Krao by locking Nuch and Chaitong in a poorly ventilated room.

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